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Meet the Team: Javi & Domi

We’re going to be adding a new series of posts to our blog where we will introduce you to each of the staff members that make up the great team here at Luna Beach Club.

Today, we’ll be introducing you to Javi and Domenico…

Javi at Luna BeachJavi is our Manager’s (Sander) right hand man and probably one of the best Cocktail Barmen on the Costa del Sol. Javi has worked in different restaurants along the Coast and in the low season winter months makes the most of the quiet spell to head over to England and work there (also gives him a chance to brush up on his English!). Some say he goes there for the nice English winter weather, others say it’s because of the women! Javi is a real “Malagueño” and knows everything about our local night life…so if you want some tips of where to go, Javi is your man!


Domenico at Luna Beach Domenico, or Domi as we like to call him, grew up in Venezuela although he has spent the last 8 years in Málaga as his mother is Spanish. He likes football, tennis and his daily siesta! Domi worked in different restaurants on the Costa del Sol before joining us here at Luna Beach. Later this year he will be starting his studies… Do you know what he is studying to be? A policeman… so you better be on your best behaviour!



Next time we’ll be featuring our Chef, Gustavo and David!

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